When Love Doesn’t Come Naturally

When love doesn’t come naturally
I lie awake at night
When love doesn’t come naturally
The future isn’t very bright
When love doesn’t come naturally
I cry in my bed
When love doesn’t come naturally
Sometimes I wish I was dead

When all you can feel is like the thorns on a thousand roses
When someone gives you a gift its like a poisonous oasis
People that care, can’t help
People that don’t care, rant and yelp
People that should care, are why you are where you are
People that did care, only left another scar

When love doesn’t come naturally
Humans don’t believe the truth when you tell it
When love doesn’t come naturally
Some think your crazy, while the sane just sees grit
When love doesn’t come naturally
Those that reared you don’t care if you fall
When love doesn’t come naturally
It seems like your whole life has been a last call

When your dreams and goals are burning inside with passion
When life takes hold it’s worse than a death grip of a ghost vanishing
People that care, are stuck in the same boat
People that don’t care, sulk and gloat
People that should care, secretly laugh at you
People that did care, let their hollowness seep through

If I could leave a legacy before I possibly die with inadequacy
I want to at least be the man that’s there for others,
When. love. doesn’t. come. naturally.

People, experiences, and interpretations. | Putting it all together.

I keep telling myself, different people, different experiences, different interpretations, but there comes a time when I can no longer deny that some of those people are ignorant, less experienced, and have a false sense of accepted reality. Interpretation of experience usually depends on levels of intelligence. Those three things, my friends, are the epitome of what society seems to hinge on. We need to realize that just because one thing is certain for us as an individual, does not make it so for anyone else.

Intelligence and MORE experience prevails in the event of a dispute.

Example: I’m a shopper. My local super market sells avocados for $1.18 on a regular basis. They drop the price for a week to $0.75 a piece. I RAVE and RAVE about the price, thinking it’s a great deal, all while not knowing that a few hours away, people are buying bigger and better avocados for $0.33 a piece. This is a near real life example. Don’t believe me? Do some research! Did I get a good deal? No, I received a better price than I had before but the reality is that I could have gotten twice the amount for the same price. Now, should I drive hours just to purchase the $0.33 a piece priced avocados? No. Should I be aware of this fact and try to figure out ways to reduce the price in my local area? Probably so.

Be an explorer, an open and free thinker. Don’t solely chain yourself to the opinions you’ve heard and the perceived universal normality that you’ve been told exists in this bubble you live in by the same people, at the same times, and in the same places.

In essence, someone can be 50 years old and settled in their own understanding of what life means, and I, as a 26 year old, can surpass them in experience, knowledge, and intelligence. This used to not be much of a problem due to the way people lived “back then” as I like to call it. Maybe things WERE better “back then,” but, we cannot deny that times have changed and we are not able to travel back to simplicity; even if we wanted to. Momentum is building and no one can stop it if they try, so let’s not get ran over or left behind.

What older generations have to understand is that this is largely due to the increase in technological advances. I understand that you’ve “done it that way for years.” Do I think it’s ineffective? Maybe not, but if there is a more effective way to do something, and it benefits the majority of those involved, why not do it? Everything can work together. New walls can build upon the old foundation. Sure, some older walls may have to be completely sanded down and repainted. Working towards a higher level of efficiency and a larger profit should never be a problem. Also, it’s not a younger generations duty to do anything for you that you can do yourself. Understand that ANY act of kindness on our part has ZERO to do with our responsibilities in life. Don’t expect us to go above and beyond for you, because we already do that for ourselves on a daily basis. Life is harder than it has ever been for younger people. Intelligence brings pain that only the intelligent can feel, but it also brings much joy that only those of a higher understanding can delight in. I know you took care of us. That’s the way this works. You take care of us, we take care of our kids. It does not go the other way around. Life moves forward. Any extra care that you receive from youth, is determined by how much extra care you gave them. Trust me, we are more than grateful for all you sacrificed for us but we can not become overwhelmed with doing the same for you because of the sacrifices we currently make for ourselves and the generations in our future. We are sorry that time moves forward so quickly and you might get left behind, but we cannot stop it.

What younger generations need to understand is that most people of older generations are not the way they are because they want to make your life miserable. They simply lack the intelligence, understanding, and experience to accommodate modern reality. They can help it, if they choose to. Many of them will not. While it is not our responsibility to lead the way for them, it’s good for us to accommodate willfully curious, courteous, and youthful souls among the aging. However, the same does no hold true for the old souls whom are completely settled, rude, and self-centered. If someone preys on you, cut them off. We do not have time to become distracted by those who wish to hold us back. This world has many challenges ahead and not a one of us can afford to fall victim to those who wish to keep us tethered to the past.

I hope that this article brings some understanding to someone who needs it. If you don’t agree with me, that is your right. Remember, I’m a free soul, just as you are or can be. I reserve the right to fully express and practice my opinion, just as you do. Air doesn’t discriminate. It goes in any nose that is willing to take it in.

Love and blessings to all!


Being considerate is a power leaders duty.


Today I’m writing about leadership. I love to talk about leadership, so I think maybe I should put some of my thoughts and spoken content into written words.

Maybe in the future I will answer job interview-ish questions such as, “What do you think makes a good/bad leader?” Today, I am giving my thoughts on being considerate of others, their situations, and even yourself. Good leaders reflect on what does and doesn’t work. They reflect on their past while keeping a steady hand stretched towards the future. How can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you are coming from?

If you aren’t considerate of others and their situations, you can’t expect them to be considerate of you and your situations. Period. Of course, you can try to solely explain things away with little mind-numbing statements such as “Well, he/she just isn’t my problem.” “That’s not a nice/good attitude.” “He/she doesn’t deserve this/that.” Okay, well you aren’t his/hers either then. News flash: No one really single-handedly deserves that much of anything, so parochial reward and punishment systems aren’t always the most effective. In most situations, you can be sure that if you are rendering fanatical punishments in response to basic reality, you will also receive rabid punishment as your reward.

Here’s the snag: If you are in a position of leading power, it’s YOUR duty and responsibility, not your followers, to go above and beyond to make sure those at a disadvantage are properly accommodated. No matter how they got there, might I add. You didn’t get on top of the world without help, it only makes sense that they also aren’t on the bottom of the world without help.

Leadership is like a number line that has positive and negative numbers. It’s basic math. You move to the left or right depending on the negatives and positives. What can you bring to the equation? I generally try to balance things out at 0 since all humans are created equally. Though, if I am going to make a mistake, I do try to err on the side of positives since there are so many negatives, and those are usually what you are working against in the first place. I think this is the best route. It really all depends on the specifics but only real leaders with an open mind and open heart know what will best balance the equation in those really rare occasions.

Math has simple principles, but the problems aren’t always that easy to solve. You might have a 6. You can break it down to 3 plus 3 or 4 and 1/2 plus 1 and 1/2. There are also many other ways. Heck, some people might even say .5 for 1/2. As an isolated concept, there’s nothing technically wrong with this, but it’s not geared toward those who don’t have the ability to count in halves yet. That means it’s wrong for them at the moment. Which do you think is going to be easier for someone with basic skills to count? Most people that I know have whole fingers. It’s easiest to view them as whole fingers on their hands as well. Therefore, 3 fingers plus 3 fingers equals 6 fingers. Why would you want to use halves when unnecessary? If you are THAT person, YOU are the real simpleton because it takes a good leader to be able to not only recognize but prioritize emergency tasks.

That’s all I have for today. I’m really not even sure if I well organized the content of this post or not. Either way, it’s here. Enjoy. Learn what you can, trash what you can’t!



Hello there,

I’m Jason.

Unless you are a relative, a close friend, or some weirdish future telling alien (maybe not even then), you probably don’t know much about me yet. Oh! Just wait, you will; or don’t wait. It’s your choice. If you select the former, you will probably end up a very happy person, or maybe a terribly sad human; or maybe both. Who knows?

It’s been nice having you here! I hope you will come back.